Vote America Fund

We work with local leaders and organizations to increase participation in our democracy. Like our sister organization, Vote America Education Fund, we seek to mobilize and empower people typically underrepresented in our democratic process.

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Strengthening Democracy

Low civic participation is one of the most profound challenges we face in the United States of America. To achieve a fully representative democracy, unlikely voters must be engaged in our political process. Yet these citizens receive little attention or resources from political parties and candidates, who instead focus on persuading and turning out more regular voters.

Research shows that contacting low-propensity voters frequently, through in-person and layered communications, can help create new, lifelong voters. We work to ensure that happens.

What Makes Vote America Fund Different

We understand that the 501(c)(4) nonprofit sector is under-resourced, crowded, and not well coordinated. The Vote America Fund is pursuing a fully coordinated, integrated, and collaborative effort across new and existing 501(c)(4) organizations that are willing to work together to reach our shared goal of strengthening democracy.


Prioritize grassroots organizing

We focus on efforts that engage with the underrepresented communities that campaigns often overlook. We support local organizations and leaders to work within their communities, leveraging local insights with tested best practices to increase civic participation.


Improve coordination

We know that, despite best intentions, this work is often poorly coordinated and duplicative. When efforts are mismanaged, some voters get too many low-impact contacts, while other high-value approaches never happen. We work with trusted coordinators to maximize contacts in key states.


Structure investments to maximize learning

The work we fund sits within a broader civic engagement and political ecosystem. We want to deepen our understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and what we need to do better within this ecosystem.

Our Partners

The Vote America Fund is supported by a range of donors committed to maximizing participation in the democratic process. Our partners are national and state-based organizations that prioritize grassroots outreach in communities traditionally underrepresented in our democracy.


Partners include:

Alliance for Youth Action
America Votes

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