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East Ridge police fired after making love with a high school senior

December 11, 2020

East Ridge police fired after making love with a high school senior An East Ridge officer had been recently fired for having a intimate relationship with an 18-year-old senior school pupil, despite an interior affairs investigation that determined he hadn't violated any division policies or unlawful guidelines. Acting City Manager Kenny Custer fired officer Adam Rose on Nov. 21, saying Rose's conduct had been " as opposed to the city requirements of sincerity, justice and/or good values that are moral" in accordance with their notice of termination. On Oct. 25, East Ridge senior school Principal Tammy Helton contacted law enforcement division after an instructor discovered a pupil having a continuing relationsip with a police officer, according to affairs records that are internal. The overnight Rose, 29, was put on administrative leave with pay and an interior affairs research started. Rose joined the division in 2016 august. Throughout the research he asked to own legal counsel present during every meeting, citing issues about past circumstances where the division addressed him unfairly. Previously this the International Brotherhood of Police Officers got involved when Rose was kicked off the SWAT team for allegedly bringing up concerns about outdated equipment against Police Chief J.R. Reed's orders year. Detectives desired responses to two concerns: if the learning pupil had aisle mobile been a small if the relationship started, if Rose violated any division policies. Into the termination letter, Custer alleges the pupil had been under 18, citing her "in a relationship" status on Facebook from before her 18th birthday celebration.
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